Missions of the MET team

The ambition of the management and territories team is to promote the research carried out by its researchers, by the CREG, its partners and also the UPPA as a whole, on the subject of management sciences. This objective can be met by implementing:


· A specific and consistent scientific project, directly related to the management courses of the UPPA.

· Suitable scientific leadership, particularly for PhD students, young researchers, personnel habilitated to direct research and non-producers.

· And renewed governance conditions.


Its scientific project is in line with two of the UPPA’s strategic research priorities. The first is called “Justice and territories” which is particularly aimed at studying the interactions between justice, as a moral principle, and the territories. In our case, we are also seeking to analyze the influence of the social and ethical values, particularly public ones, conveyed by the territories as regards management practices and the organizations concerned. The second is more cross-functional and is called “Transitions”. Its objective is to understand transition policies, challenges and experiences. In our case, transitions are studied from the point of view of management sciences. The aim of our research is to explain management transitions both in public and private territories, and also to analyze territorial transitions in relation with managerial practices.


This scientific project also includes the territorial concerns of the College of European and International Studies, which encompasses the CREG. The College gives priority to this international dimension, as part of the Isite E2S project, and it is an important aspect of various research programs, particularly those concerning public management – where the influence of international practices and paradigms is studied at local scale – and cross-border management.