The management and territories team

As its name suggests, the management and territories team focuses on analyzing the relationship between management and territories based on two complementary research themes. 


First of all, the team’s research seeks to describe, understand and study the evolution of management practices in the territories in which they are used.

The team’s main area of research is centered on the disciplinary logic of management sciences. Unlike the second line of research, its ambition is not to concentrate on a specific territory of application, but to describe and understand the management practices used by different territories in a shifting context, and to propose potential changes.

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The research issue here is to find out how management practices influence the territories in which they are used, and how the territories influence the management practices they mobilize.

At the heart of this second area of research are the territories that mobilize the different management practices specifically analyzed in the previous line of research. Unlike the latter, the starting point of this research is not the management practices themselves, but the territorial approaches concerned and the specific issues that characterize them. This second area also takes into account the influence of a territory on the specificities and contingencies of the management practices mobilized.

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The research issue here is to find out how the territories influence management practices.