Missions of the ECM team

In keeping with the interdisciplinary institute for European and international studies created on the Bayonne campus and the competencies developed by its researchers-lecturers, the ECM (comparative studies in management) team has set itself the following objectives:

  • Propose research and studies with an international dimension in the field of management.
  • Spearhead an observatory of comparative studies in management.
  • Develop a thought process that reflects the problems faced by public institutions and private companies, contribute to debates, communicate about management culture.
  • Promote the training courses given to the Master’s students of the IAE.
  • Contribute to the visibility of the UPPA in its local, national and international environment.


To meet these objectives, in compliance with its international dimension, the ECM will:

  • Prioritize, in the future, international publication media in order to increase the impact of its research.
  • Organize conferences and study days with foreign academic partners, public organizations and public companies.
  • Give access to the results of research conducted in-house by publishing summaries intended for a broad audience that will be available on the website of ECM.
  • Give access to the results of studies carried out by researchers from other institutions in order to provide scientific knowledge to the public organizations or private companies that are interested.