Comparative studies in management (ECM) team

The scientific project of the ECM team is to develop research programs with an international dimension, particularly comparisons between countries, practices and systems in the field of management. For the period from now until 2020, particular attention will be paid to the issue of transitions in management. Through the prism of transition, three research subjects will be studied in detail:


Transitions in employees’ career paths

Key words: entrepreneurship, global businesses

By looking at the issue of transition, we can study career paths in relation to two major social evolutions.

First, the change in work and consumer habits and technological progress is leading to a decrease in the number of salaried staff in favor of other forms of work organizations, particularly self-employment.

Contacts: Antoine Renucci, Olivier Mérignac

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Transitions in organization patterns (private company, community, etc.)

Key words: business transfers, internationalization, exploration

Looking at transition from this perspective also gives us the opportunity to study three current economic challenges related to the lifecycle of a company and identified as potential obstacles to corporate growth.

In addition, transition from exploration to operation is a crucial step in the lifecycle of an innovative company, inasmuch as it enables the company to start generating income.

Contacts: Sandrine Cueille, Gilles Recasens, Antoine Renucci, Marie-Laure Grillat, Olivier Mérignac

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Change in managerial practices

Key words: energy transition, psychosocial risk prevention, territories & hospitality

Finally, by considering transition, we will be able to study how the shift from one management paradigm to another affects practices with regard to three current challenges: reducing CO2 emissions, reducing psychosocial risks and territorial economic development.

The fight against climate change is a major environmental and economic challenge.

Contacts: Gisèle Mendy-Bilek, Jean-Pierre Neveu, Marie-Laure Grillat, Camille Chamard

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